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A Literary Comedy podcast where we try to read those books that look good on your shelf…and laugh a lot along the way!

Episode 37- Jealousy’s a Green-Eyed Ghost

March 2nd, 2021

Welcome to Campfire Classics, a Literary Comedy Podcast!!

Another week, another episode, another beautiful story read passably well by the team of Campfire Classics!

This week, Heather takes a crack at "The Shell of Sense" by Ghost Fiction author and American Suffragette Olivia Howard Dunbar.  The story goes places we weren't expecting, and takes ages getting a couple of places we were anxious to get.  Who the f**k is Theresa!? 

Other important questions include, 'What new awards categories should be established?' 'Who would you haunt?' and 'Why do my super powers suck?'

"The Shell of Sense" was published  in 1908, and today can be read in dozens of collections of ghost stories, short stories, and Dunbar anthologies.

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So sit back, light a fire (or even a candle), grab a drink, and enjoy.

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