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A Literary Comedy podcast where we try to read those books that look good on your shelf…and laugh a lot along the way!

Episode 43- Pardonnez Moi!

April 13th, 2021

Welcome to Campfire Classics, a Literary Comedy Podcast!!

Thanks for coming back!

This week is big one!  The story comes from a classic author so American he was born the same year the USA won its independence (and we'll leave you to decide for yourself how you feel about that).  Washington Irving wrote some of the first American stories and novels that got to be called literature.  This week, Heather is reading "The Adventure of My Uncle", a story from a quirky collection from an even quirkier author.  Listen, we think you'll agree.

Along the way, we cover such topics as drunken twitterpation, the relative safety of strange mansions in the woods, and creepypasta.

Plus, there's a musical callback to a previous episode!

"The Adventure of My Uncle" was first published as part of Tales of a Traveler in 1824.

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So sit back, light a fire (or even a candle), grab a drink, and enjoy.

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