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A Literary Comedy podcast where we try to read those books that look good on your shelf…and laugh a lot along the way!

Demon BJ

August 2nd, 2022

Welcome to Campfire Classics, a Literary Comedy Podcast!!

This week is just unsettling, beginning to end.  Even the light hearted banter is a little weird.  But that is fitting, because our author this week is Weird Horror master H.P. Lovecraft.

Because we've covered Lovecraft before, so you can hear fun facts about him by listening to Season 1, Episode 11 "Don't Go in the Moist Hole" or in Season 2's "Coming for Boston".

Instead, Heather has covered a haunted acoustic guitar, and a disturbingly skeletal electric guitar from haunted eBay.

Then Ken reads this week's haunted ditty, and along the way our hosts discuss:
What does "tittynope" mean?
Who throws the best orgies?
And seriously, why would you do that?

"The Music of Erich Zann” was first published in National Amateur in March 1922.

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Now sit back, light a fire (or even a candle), grab a drink, and enjoy.

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