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A Literary Comedy podcast where we try to read those books that look good on your shelf…and laugh a lot along the way!

Phallic Billy Club

April 26th, 2022

Welcome to Campfire Classics, a Literary Comedy Podcast!!

Hey, who's that on the podcast?  Heather!  She's back for this one as she gets closer and closer to getting off the ship!

Ken has a story for her to read by a new author, Richard Le Gallienne, called "The Haunted Orchard". It is, unsurprisingly, a little haunting story about a ghost.  In an orchard.  But despite being a little on the nose, it's beautiful story with some incredible imagery.

Ken and Heather catch us up on Heather's recent adventures, then they get into the story discuss some bizarre side topics like Shakespeare's little Willy, furniture made by exotic dancers, and mormons at a beach bar.

Oh, and they don't have internet access, so you're going to have to look up words yourself.

"The Haunted Orchard" was published in Harper's Magazine, January, 1912.

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