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Sir Johnny Bangs 3: Chalk My Cue

July 19th, 2022

Welcome to Campfire Classics, a Literary Comedy Podcast!!

YES!  The knight errant and lord protector of the realm, Sir Johnny Bangs has returned again, to keep us safe from boredom and bad puns.  And he succeeds on one of those two fronts.

Long time fans will be delighted to learn that Heather has chosen a story by John Kendrick Bangs for Ken to read this week.  But our long time fans have proven that they are easily entertained, so maybe that's not saying much!

After a quick series recap on how our hosts are incapable of following a through line without severe tangential nonsense.  But that seems to be part of their charm!  Either that or we all have some sort of auditory Stockholm Syndrome.

Ken reads the story with his usual array of voices ranging from grizzled to old to old and grizzled.  Along the way your hosts discuss how many balls are too many, the invention of the contact lens, and your favorite joke.

"The Speck on the Lens” was published in the collection The Water Ghost & Others in 1894.

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