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Time Pieces and Cabbages (Season 2, Episode 13)

October 19th, 2021

Welcome to Campfire Classics, a Literary Comedy Podcast!!

With Heather deep in rehearsals for Footloose she was sadly unavailable this week.  Fortunately, guest host Emily has graciously agreed to return to the campfire!

Ken has selected a story by Edgar Allan Poe, because it's October and Poe is good for spooky season.  The story, maintaining the satanic theme of last week, is called "The Devil in the Belfry".  It is, however, much less traumatizing than the last Poe story we read.  If you would like to listen back to that episode (and really upset yourself) you can check it out at Edgar Allan Poe-nus Episode.

This is a surprisingly light story for a Poe crafted tale, so Ken and Emily are free to pontificate the usual absurdities.
Ken plans his Halloween costume.
Emily discovers she has a disappointingly good Dutch accent.
And both ponder the value of a pet Cabbage.

This week's episode sponsored by Kim Wilpon Crafts.  Go check her out, say thank you, and tell her you want Ken to be a guest crafter on her YouTube Channel!

Also, here is that Pas de Zephyr video.

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Now sit back, light a fire (or even a candle), grab a drink, and enjoy.

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